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White Washable PVC Stencil – Rose 4 (C113)

  • White Washable PVC Stencil – Rose 4 (C113)
  • Size: 14 X 14cm
  • High-quality stencil made from reusable PVC material
  • Ideal for various art forms and surfaces
  • Features a beautiful and intricate rose pattern
  • Washable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Adds elegance and creativity to DIY crafts, home décor, scrapbooking, and art journaling
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • Express your artistic vision with the timeless charm of roses.


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White Washable PVC Stencil – Rose 4 (C113)

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Introducing the White Washable PVC Stencil – Rose 4 (C113), the perfect tool for adding a touch of elegance and creativity to your artistic projects. With a size of 14 x 14cm, this high-quality stencil offers a compact and versatile design that can be easily incorporated into various art forms.

Made from durable and reusable PVC material, this stencil is built to last and withstand repeated use. The white color ensures excellent visibility against various surfaces, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working on paper, fabric, wood, or other materials, this PVC Stencil provides precise and professional-looking results.

The Rose 4 design showcases a beautiful and intricate rose pattern, adding a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to your creations. From DIY crafts and home décor to scrapbooking and art journaling, this stencil allows you to effortlessly incorporate the timeless charm of roses into your projects.

One of the key features of this stencil is its washable nature. After each use, simply clean it with mild soap and water to remove any paint or residue, allowing for easy maintenance and long-lasting performance. This washable property ensures that the stencil remains in pristine condition, ready to be used again and again.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting on your creative journey, the White Washable PVC Stencil – Rose 4 (C113) offers a versatile and convenient tool for expressing your artistic vision. Enhance your projects with the beauty of roses and enjoy the ease of use and durability provided by this exceptional stencil.

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White Washable PVC Stencil - Rose 4 (E113)

White Washable PVC Stencil – Rose 4 (C113)


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