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Framed Oil Painting – Peace

  • Framed Oil Painting – Peace
  • Original artwork by Charlene Moutinho
  • Measures 43 cm wide × 98.5 cm high
  • Meticulously created on blocked canvas with high-quality oil paints
  • Captures tranquility and serenity with skillful brushstrokes
  • Dark brown wooden frame adds sophistication and longevity
  • Creates a soothing atmosphere in any room
  • Unique piece that makes a statement
  • Invokes feelings of peace and serenity
  • Embrace the beauty of art and enhance your space with this remarkable masterpiece.


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Framed Oil Painting – Peace

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Enhance the ambiance of your space with the captivating beauty of the “Peace” framed oil painting. This exquisite piece of art showcases the talent of artist Charlene Moutinho and is a stunning addition to any art collection. The painting measures 43 cm wide and 98.5 cm high, creating an impactful presence on your wall.

The “Peace” painting is meticulously created on a blocked canvas, using high-quality oil paints that bring the artwork to life with vibrant colors and rich textures. The artist’s skillful brushstrokes capture the essence of tranquility and serenity, evoking a sense of calm and inner peace.

The painting is elegantly framed in a dark brown wooden frame, adding a touch of sophistication and providing a cohesive presentation. The frame beautifully complements the artwork, enhancing its visual appeal and ensuring its longevity.

Whether displayed in your living room, bedroom, or office, the “Peace” framed oil painting will effortlessly transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility. Its serene imagery and harmonious color palette create a soothing atmosphere, inviting you to relax and find solace in its artistic expression.

This original artwork is a unique piece that will make a statement in any setting. It is an investment in not only aesthetic beauty but also emotional resonance, as it has the power to evoke feelings of peace and serenity every time you admire it.

Experience the captivating allure of the “Peace” framed oil painting and let it become the centerpiece of your décor, radiating a sense of calm and harmony throughout your space. Embrace the beauty of art and bring a touch of serenity into your life with this remarkable masterpiece.

Oil Painting - Peace

Framed Oil Painting – Peace


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