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About The Blue Pea Market

Blue Pea’s Online Market is a convenient place for customers to find what they need,
and even what they didn’t know they needed. We offer a wide range of products from detailed
hand-crafted woodwork to pristine jewellery, all available with one click.

The Story of Blue Pea

Blue Pea was once a farmers market with tons of stalls each with their own unique product. The farmers market was home to many people from stall owners to customers. Due Covid-19 and the lock-down following thereafter the farmers market unfortunately had to shut down. 

Blue Pea has since decided to take on the online world. We have launched 2 separate companies, Blue Pea Online Market that is a online store that focuses on local products and sells it across the nation. Then there is Blue Pea Marketing Agency, which is focused on the growth of businesses and helping them branch out. 

Blue Pea is here to help your business grow, whether you hope to sell your products on our online store, or to take your business to the next level with next level marketing.

Want To Sell On Our Market?

Reach out to us with your product, or idea or even a simple hello could get things started. Blue Pea is all about helping people and businesses grow. Contact us so we can help you grow! 


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